Citroën introduces the 100% electric Ami One concept with two seats

12-июн, 08;37 admin 1396
Citroën created the Ami One concept as an alternative to public transport ( bus, tram, metro) and other individual two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles, scooters, scooters). A 2-seat ultra-compact concept (2m50) that provides users with flexibility in an urban environment, the Ami One offers its robust design and protection (thanks to the enclosed cab). Accessible to all people starting from the age of 16 (14 years in France), the concept shares the same love of freedom of movement with the brand.

The Ami One offers a cubic silhouette and ultra-compact dimensions (2.50 m in length, 1.50 m in width and 1.50 m in height), which emphasizes the impression of reliability, agility and exceptional maneuverability. It can also be parked perpendicular to the sidewalk.
Access to the Board is carried out using a smartphone. The doors close and open by reading the QR code present on the aluminum door handle socket. Once installed on Board, the driver places the phone in front of them in the dedicated Drive POD area. A phone installed in a special area can start a dialogue between the driver and the Ami One concept. The selected app appears as a bubble and is projected into the driver's field of view, such as a head-Up display.