A 1959 Citroen is sold for 100,000 euros

12-июн, 08;25 admin 1300
The 1959 Citroen Sahara will be sold at auction with a fabulous price: 90,000 pounds, about 100,000 euros. The two-door model was built to handle desert land and is part of a total of 700 4×4 models originally manufactured by the French automaker, only 30 of which are functional today.

The classic car received a lot of attention at the time it was launched, in 1958, mainly due to the fact that it has two 12 HP engines.

The innovative car at the time has an engine that sends power to the front wheels, while the other is responsible for moving the rear wheels.  Surprisingly, both engines were under the front seats, and there are two contacts with two separate keys.

It was built to address complex lands and clips from the colonies of North Africa. At that time, sugar cost about 715 pounds, about 800 euros.
After the independence of Algeria, Citroen dropped the Sahara name and the car became known as the 2CV 4×4 in 1962. A spokesman for RM Sotheby's said: "the Citroen 2CV is undoubtedly one of the leading European cars of all time.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/